Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To Zeus, Father of All

The following is a daily prayer that I developed based on the many different versions of The Charge of the God. In my personal devotion, I find it works well for Zeus.

Beloved Father, Begetter of All, Great Lord of this Earth, Keeper of the Mysteries of Life Ever Reborn, yours is the flame of desire--yours the gale of action. Yours is the promise of peace--yours the law of Harmony. Teach us this day to live your law--to keep pure our highest ideals, that nothing or no one may turn us aside from our Divine Inheritance--from communion with you. Grant us an awakening of our bodies, that they may rise to answer both our wild natures and our cultivated arts. Bless us to know ourselves as you know us--in all our perfect mortal imperfections--and to love ourselves and our fellows because our hearts and vision have been so filled. Grant us this day of your courage and hope, your vision and depth, your action and stillness, your wisdom and abundance.  As we seek for you in the wild flesh and forest of the Earth, let us also seek within ourselves, and let us ever remember the greatest of all truths--that as we live, die and live again encircled by you, so you live, die and live again enfolded within us.

So it is, and so it shall be, forever and ever, Blessed by the Mystery.

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