Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hekate's Deipnon--Light the Way to Change

I am at a point in my life where the old adage that "the only constant is change" has never seemed more true. As I discussed in my post "Surviving the Eleusian Face-Lift" most of these changes have been extremely positive. Now though, I find myself faced with some new challenges surrounding which there is much uncertainty. There couldn't be a better time to post the following ritual, Hekate's Deipnon or Hekate's Supper, which should be performed on the last day of the lunar month, (today is such a day), is all about asking this Great Goddess to light the way in uncertainty so that you may take the most positive and life-enriching course possible.

The things you will need for this ritual are: Hestia candle or lamp, milk for making libations, a libation bowl, an offering of non-perishable food for your local food bank, a small offering of perishable food for Hekate, and a private spot at a nearby three-way crossroads.

Hekate’s Deipnon

-sweep your home and clear out all garbage--

-wash face and hands; prepare a small libation glass of milk; bring offerings to the altar; light Hestia candle or lamp-

To Hestia
We call upon Hestia this night--you who are the first and the last--and we thank you for your constant care, love, warmth and protection. Ancient hearth mother, Goddess of the spiritual flame. Please come and dwell here. make of our home your home. Make of our hearth your hearth. Make of our temple your temple. Make of our hearts one heart--your heart.

-pour libation to Hestia-

-light incense-

To Demeter and Persephone
We call now to the Holy Mother Demeter--all that is born rises from within her. All that sustains us flows from her. We call upon the holy maiden Kore whose power is joy ever reborn. Teach us, O Goddesses, to tend to our lives with gentle wisdom and to our days with love’s compassion. Teach us to honor your rites and mysteries--to bring justice, peace and fertility. Bless us that we may know the cycle of the living seed as the mystery of the soul revealed. We praise royal Persephone who at our deaths will greet us. We praise the Holy Mother whose love is the light of eternity. May we know our immortal beings, and drink of her cup everlasting.

-pour libation to Demeter and Persephone-

To Hekate
We call upon great Hekate this night--Most ancient Goddess, powerful, swift, unseen. Ever watchful, nothing escapes your understanding. Your domain is unbounded. The secrets of the heavens, the earth, the sea
and the underworld are yours. You hear our dreams, our joys and our lamentations. In reverence we call upon you now that you might dwell among us, hear us, and come to our aid in our lives and in this rite.

-pour libation to Hekate-

To the Ancestors
Our dearest ancestors and our beloved dead who are among us, we call upon you now and offer our thanks for the many blessings your give us. We welcome you openly and without reservation into our home and our hearts. We honor your lives and ask that you use your wisdom to lead and guide us in ours.

-pour libation to Dearest Ancestors and Beloved Dead-

-place your hands over the offering you intend to make to your local food bank-

Beloved Hekate, companion of all who must travel in darkness, we offer you this (enumerate offerings to be made to the needy) that it may bless the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves--that it may feed them, body and soul, and bring your love and blessings into their lives, should they so desire.

We also offer you (enumerate offerings to be made at the crossroads) which we will leave at your sacred crossroads as a token of our devotion. We ask that you come to us in the days and weeks ahead, bearing light in your hands. Be our guide in dark places. Protect us from unseen dangers and richly inspire our dreams.

-take crossroads offerings to the spot you have chosen and leave them there on the ground-

Mother Hekate, this offering is in your honor. Bless us that as the crossroads of our lives unfold before us, we may make the decisions that will lead us to greater enlightenment, a truer understanding of our earth and our fellows, a more honest and open heart, an overflowing abundance, and an unwavering trust in your wise counsel and that of all our precious Theoi.

-informally ask Goddess Hekate for help with certain decisions that you will be making in the coming month-

As we return home, we pledge not to look back at this offering in honor of the ever-growing bond of trust between us. Hail Hekate!

-walk away from the offering site, not looking back. Return to the altar and take libation bowl outside in order to pour its contents on the ground-

Hail most gracious Theoi--this libation is made in your honor. You are most welcome here.

-return to the altar, replace the libation bowl and extinguish the Hestia candle-

Hail Hestia--you are the first and the last!

-bring offering of food for the needy to your local food bank as soon after the rite as is feasible-

May the right course in all your decisions be illuminated to you by Hekate's undying light.

-M. Ashley

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